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Loans for Bad Credit

At Dot Dot Loans, we know that a poor credit rating doesn't always tell the full story. A missed payment here, accidentally straying above your limit there - it's all too easy to hurt your score without realising.

That's why, if you apply for a bad credit loan from Dot Dot Loans, we'll look at more than your credit score. For us, there are other factors too - such as your employment status or whether you can stick to your repayments. We think it paints a much fairer picture. And this is the information we'll use to decide if and how we can help.

You can read everything you need to know on the topic below, including how our easy loans for bad credit work and whether you could qualify.

What is a bad credit loan?

Just like the name suggests, bad credit loans are for people with a low or less-than-ideal credit history. But sometimes ‛bad credit' can sound much worse than it actually is.

If you're finding it hard to get a loan from your bank or another high street lender, a bad credit history is often the reason why. But there are two important things you should know. First, you're not alone - millions of people in the UK have poor credit scores. Second, there are people who can help.

At Dot Dot Loans, you could be able to get a loan with a bad credit history. Our loans are for people looking to borrow money that may not be able to from other lenders. After all, we don't think a bad credit history should hold you back.

How do loans for a bad credit score work from Dot Dot Loans?

We offer loans from £100 to £1000 repayable over a period of between 3 to 9 months, depending on how much you borrow. Our loans for a bad credit history all come with different terms, which are based on how much you want to borrow.

Loans are funded every hour 24/7.

That means we can offer same day loans for bad credit, and you can get the money you need when you need it..

And, because your payments are spread over a number of months, it's much easier to keep on top of things. We don't charge any late payment fees or extra interest either.

If you think that a bad credit loan is the option for you, go to our short-term and see how much you could borrow today.

What can I use a Dot Dot bad credit loan for?

Everyone is different. And, like everyone else, you'll have your own reasons for getting a bad credit loan. So, we're here to do what we can to help you - no matter what you need it for.

Our loans for a bad credit history can come in especially handy if you've got a bill to pay that you hadn't planned for. Car repairs, boiler breakdowns or washing machine woes - these take us by surprise at the best of times.

Bad credit loans are issued subject to affordability.

Why choose Dot Dot if I need a loan with bad credit?

If a high-street bank has turned you down in the past, this doesn't necessarily mean you can't get a loan with a bad credit history - or find a direct lender that's looking out for you.

We are not a broker or a middleman. Apply to us and we'll be the only people you deal with. And there are yet more reasons to turn to us when you're looking for a bad credit loan:

  • We're fair: No penalty fees and no added interest. You'll only ever pay back the amount we agree at the start. After all, no one likes nasty surprises
  • We're flexible: You can choose a bad credit loan online with a repayment period that suits you - from 3 to 9 months
  • We're friendly: We're always happy to help if you need to contact us, our UK-based customer service team are easy to get hold of with any queries you may have
  • We're fast: Sometimes, you just can't afford to hang around. Our quick loans for a bad credit history could be with you within an hour of being approved
  • We're responsible: Here at Dot Dot, we aim to practise responsible lending. This means that we will always conduct an affordability check as part of your loan application, which not only helps us but benefits you as it provides reassurance that you will be able to manage your loan.

We're proud of what we do, and we're dedicated to helping all our customers. But why just take our word for it? See why we're rated 'Excellent' based on our independent Trustpilot reviews.

What are the benefits of our easy loans for bad credit?

Do you have a less-than-perfect credit history? A loan for bad credit from direct lenders like Dot Dot Loans can be the ideal option. Here's why:

  • Fast and simple: From an easy online application to getting an initial decision straight away, our quick loans for bad credit scores are a real help - not least if the money's needed in an emergency.
  • Treating you as an individual: We'll never decide an application on your credit score alone. We look at your individual circumstances, including income or earnings, to make sure a loan is right for you.

What are the potential disadvantages of loans for people with bad credit?

Like all forms of credit, there are risks to be aware of when applying for bad credit loans from direct lenders or brokers. The two big things to watch out for are:

  • Higher rates: Loans for people with a bad credit history often have higher interest rates. The higher the interest rate, the higher the overall cost of borrowing will be.
  • Repayment worries: Sticking to your payments is crucial. By missing a payment, you could do further damage to your credit history. But we can help if you're worried about falling behind or missing a payment. Get in touch with us to see what your options are.

Why might I have bad credit?

Bad credit is the unofficial term for having a less-than-spotless credit history. It could also be that you have no history of using credit at all. Some of the reasons for having bad credit are:

  • Making a payment late (or not making one at all)
  • Applying for credit too many times in a short period
  • Getting an Individual Voluntary Arrangement(IVA) or being made bankrupt
  • Being a young adult with no previous credit record
  • Moving to the UK - you can't bring a credit history from overseas

Even things you might not think about can hurt your credit score. You might not be registered to vote or there could be mistakes on your file. But this doesn't mean you're stuck. Dot Dot Loans is here to help you get a loan with a bad credit history - even if other direct lenders are saying "no".

How can I check my credit score?

Did you know that nearly half of Brits never check their credit score? But it's easy to do - and there's always a chance you might spot a mistake that needs fixing. You can check your score for free with any of the UK's three main credit reference agencies:

You can also sign up for alerts that let you know when your score changes.

Am I eligible to apply for a bad credit loan?

The best thing about our short-term loans for bad credit is that your credit score isn't the be all and end all. At Dot Dot Loans, we think there are more important factors that help us decide if a bad credit loan is right for you. But there are some basic things that are an absolute must:

  • You're over 18 years old
  • You live in the UK
  • You have a job

To apply for a bad credit loan from us, we'll also ask for:

  • Your email address and mobile number
  • Your home address
  • Your bank account and debit card details

How can I get an unsecured personal loan with bad credit?

Knowing how to get a loan with bad credit in the UK isn’t always easy. Like with other kinds of loan, each lender will have their own criteria for deciding an application. But at Dot Dot Loans, we're a direct lender with a difference.

We don't just look at your credit history. We also take your income and outgoings into account if you need a personal loan for a bad credit history. By doing this, we try make sure the loan is affordable for you.

Some companies also require a guarantor to co-sign with you when you apply. This is someone who'd be responsible for paying back the loan if you aren't able to. But Dot Dot Loans don't currently offer this. Instead, we're here to help by providing loans for bad credit without a guarantor.

Can I get a short-term loan with a bad credit history?

Short-term loans are often assessed on more than just your credit score. A bad credit score doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be turned down. Here at Dot Dot Loans, we examine and consider each application on its merits. That's how we decide if we can lend you money.

With us, you could get a short-term loan from £100 to £1000. Why not use our short-term loan calculator to find out how we can help you - and also how much it will cost in total.

Can I get a bad credit loan with no credit check?

No - it's not possible to get a bad credit loan without a credit check from a responsible lender. Dot Dot Loans carry out credit and affordability checks on every applicant. This is because we believe in making sure that getting a loan is the right option both for you and for us.

I don't have a bank account - can I still get a loan for bad credit?

Sorry, the answer is no. To get a loan for bad credit from us, you must have a UK bank account. You must also be over 18 years old and a permanent resident in the UK.

Where can I get a loan with bad credit?

There are many companies who offer loans for people with a bad credit history. Many of the best loans for bad credit can be found online. Each one has their own specific criteria to decide if an application will be approved or not. And it'll only take a little bit of research to find out.

At Dot Dot Loans, you can be sure that we'll carefully consider your application. To get started, apply online and we'll give you a quick initial decision.

What do I need to know before applying for a bad credit loan?

We know just how hard it can be to get a loan with a bad credit history - especially if you need money in a hurry. But it's really important you know what your options are. You also need to be aware of what you're signing up for.

For example, you might be tempted to apply for a payday loan with a bad credit history. But this has the potential to make things worse. The sky-high interest rates may mean you repay far more than you borrowed in the first place.

But it can help to get a bad credit loan from a direct lender like us if you need a loan. Be sure that you can afford what you want to borrow.

As a responsible lender, Dot Dot Loans is here to help - whether you're a new or existing customer.

What do I need to apply for a bad credit loan?

To apply for a loan with a bad credit history from Dot Dot Loans, we'll ask for the following information:

  • Your name and current UK address
  • How we can contact you by phone and email
  • Your current work situation and income
  • Your current financial situation

Got all this to hand? Great - you're now ready to apply for a bad credit loan online. Sometimes, however, we may ask you to send us some paperwork to support your application.

Do I need a guarantor?

No - our loans for bad credit are 'no guarantor loans'. That means you won't need anyone else to co-sign your application. We don't currently offer the option to apply with a guarantor.

How do I apply for a loan with bad credit?

Need a quick loan for bad credit? Applying to Dot Dot Loans is quick and easy. Remember, as a direct lender, we're the only people you'll deal with. And only we decide if you're approved or not.

When you apply for a bad credit loan from us, it's a straightforward four-stage process. First, tell us how much you'd like to borrow and for how long. Then, it's simply a case of providing all the details we ask for. It's rare, but there are times that we also ask for supporting paperwork.

Our aim is to give you a quick initial decision so that you can get the money in your account as soon as possible. Short term loans for bad credit can be with you on the same day.

Can applying for a bad credit loan affect my score?

Yes it can. When you apply, we need to carry out a search of your credit file to help us decide. It's part of our promise to be a responsible lender.

A credit check and affordability assessment is part of our decision process for a bad credit loan application.

Will making repayments on my loan improve my credit score?

If you make your loan repayments on time and in full then it may improve your credit score. However, a late payment - or missing a payment completely - will likely have a negative impact.

Applying for multiple loans at once or having an excessive number of loans will also likely harm your credit score. This is because it can appear that you're reliant on credit.

What if my application is rejected?

At Dot Dot Loans, we're here to help as many people as we can.

Unfortunately, we can't say yes to everyone. If we can't help you this time, we strongly recommend waiting before you apply again to us or any other bad credit direct lenders in the UK.

Each ‘hard’ credit search linked to an application will shows up on your credit report. While one of these isn't so bad, a lot of them doesn't look good to lenders. And this makes it even harder to get a loan with a bad credit history. Read our guide to soft vs hard credit checks

You can always check your report to find out what could be holding you back.

If you're struggling with money worries, you can talk to someone free of charge and in confidence. Get in touch with one of the following organisations - they're here to help:

What if I have any more questions?

Still unsure about anything when it comes to bad credit loans? No problem - we want to make sure you've got all the information you need. Our FAQs might already have the answer to your question. If not, contact us.

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