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Guaranteed Loans

When you need money fast for an emergency or unexpected cost, a guaranteed loan may seem appealing. In truth, no responsible lender in the UK can offer guaranteed loan approval without doing a few checks first. But that's not to say you're out of options.

We offer online loans of £100 to £1,000 with a simple application process and same day funding, subject to affordability checks. Plus, if you're looking for guaranteed loans for bad credit in the UK, it's reassuring to know we'll look at more than your credit score when making our decision.

Find out about the problems with guaranteed loans below and how we could offer a better option.

What are guaranteed loans?

Like the name suggests, guaranteed loans are loans that you're guaranteed to get approved for, no matter your financial situation or history. It's a similar idea to no credit check loans, which claim to skip the credit checks that come with all standard loans in the UK.

Do guaranteed loans exist in the UK

The UK's lending industry is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA); any authorised lending company must meet the FCA's standards for customer protection. Companies may also have their own criteria that loan applicants must meet.

This is all for good reason, as steps like credit and affordability checks are used to protect you from taking out a loan that you can't afford, which could have disastrous consequences. If you see a business advertising itself as a guaranteed direct loan lender, then, you should check to see if it is authorised by the FCA on the Financial Services Register. If the lender is not authorised they cannot necessarily be relied upon to operate in a way that protects your financial safety.

What's more, if a lender offered you a guaranteed loan, there's a good chance that they'd charge higher interest and fees to protect themselves against you defaulting on repayments.

It's easy to check if a lender is registered, like us, on the FCA website. Our reference number is 713984.

Alternatives to guaranteed bad credit loans

It might seem handy eliminating the chance of being turned down, especially if you need money in a hurry. But you'd be better off choosing a legitimate lender who'll act in your interests while still offering a convenient service.

With an online lender like us, you can apply for a loan in minutes from the comfort of your own home or on the go. Our loans are short-term personal loans that you can use for the same kind of costs you might use a guaranteed loan for, like car or home repairs.

We can't guarantee approval, as we wouldn't want to put you at risk of financial trouble. But if we're confident you can afford the loan repayments on top of your regular outgoings, we could help you out - even if your credit score isn't perfect.

Plus, we only carry out what's called a soft credit search when you first apply. This check won't show up on your credit report or hurt your score. We'll only do a full credit check if we go on to make you an initial loan offer and you accept it.

How Dot Dot's guaranteed loan alternatives work

We offer loans from £100 to £1,000 with repayment terms of 3-9 months, depending on how much you want to borrow. Use our handy short-term calculator below to see what terms we offer on your ideal loan amount.

Short term loan

Representative Example

Borrow £250 over 3 months with monthly repayment of £133.65 Total amount payable £400.95. Interest rate 284.76% p.a. (fixed). 1228.67% APR Representative.

Happy with how it looks? Then go ahead and apply online. If you're looking for guaranteed same day loans, it's good to know we transfer approved loans every hour 24/7.

Next, we'll collect your repayments automatically via Direct Debit. They'll be the same amount and come out on the scheduled day each month, so they're easy to budget for.

If you do pay late one month, we won't hit you with nasty late payment fees. But remember that missing payments may damage your credit score and make it harder to get credit again in the future.

Get in touch if you're ever worried about falling behind on your loan repayments. Our friendly UK-based team will do their best to make a new plan that works for you.

Do I qualify for a guaranteed loan alternative?

You can apply for one of our loans if:

  • You're aged 18+
  • You have a UK address
  • You're currently working or receiving benefits
  • You have a valid email address and mobile phone number
  • You have a bank account and debit card details

What if I have bad credit?

If you're looking for guaranteed loans for bad credit, we could still help.

As a committed and responsible lender, we carry out credit and affordability checks on everyone who applies. But having fair or poor credit won't automatically rule you out. We'll look at your financial situation as a whole before we make our decision.

Why choose Dot Dot

Finding a reliable guaranteed loans for bad credit direct lender is impossible. But when you need a little extra, choosing a responsible lender like Dot Dot is much easier. That's because we're:

  • Flexible: Borrow from £100 to £1,000 to deal with life's emergencies, then pay it back in manageable instalments over 3-9 months.
  • Easy: Apply online in minutes and get a quick initial decision. You could get your loan the same day as approval, subject to affordability.
  • Clear: See all your loan costs upfront and never pay any extra. With our fixed interest rates, your repayments will be the same every month.
  • Responsible: We don't promise guaranteed loan approval. Instead, we'll only offer you a loan we judge you can afford. We'll always speak to you in plain English too.
  • Friendly: Got a question? Our UK-based customer service team are easy to get hold of and happy to help.
  • Trusted: Don't just take our word for it. Over two thousand customers have rated us 'Excellent' on the independent review website Trustpilot.

Apply for a guaranteed bad credit loan alternative today

Unfortunately, guaranteed loans are too good to be true. But our online loans are a convenient and manageable option which could help you out, even with an imperfect credit score.

Use our short-term loan calculator to see what your monthly repayments and total costs could be, then move on to our short application form when you're ready. We'll give you a quick initial decision and we fund approved loans every hour, 24/7.

Before you apply, make sure to think carefully about why you need a loan, how much you need to borrow and how you'll afford to repay it. Check our FAQs or contact us if you've got any questions.

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