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Money Worries

At Dot Dot Loans, we understand that people's circumstances can change and are committed to offering you support if you're experiencing financial difficulties.

We care about our customers; if you are worried about how your situation may affect an existing loan, please contact us.

Our friendly customer service team will do whatever they can to make your existing loan more manageable. They can also put you in touch with PayPlan - one of the UK’s leading free debt advice providers.

PayPlan and Dot Dot Loans: working together to help you

PayPlan’s free, confidential advice service is available to anyone worried about money. They can deal with creditors on your behalf and provide you with a personalised action plan to help regain control of your finances, including money saving advice and a free benefits check.

Our customer service team can transfer you through to PayPlan, or you can access their support directly either online or over the phone.

PayPlan can be reached on 0800 280 2816, Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm, and Saturday 9am – 3pm.

Repaying your loan

You can find information about your loan online via the Customer Portal by logging in here.

We understand that your income or expenditure may change and that this can affect your ability to make your Dot Dot loan repayments. If this happens, we'll work with you to agree an alternative solution that aims to reduce some of the worry you might be facing.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you think you're going to struggle to make your repayments and we'll be happy to help. We also do not charge any late or missed payment fees.

Concerned about the effects of Coronavirus?

The worst of the pandemic has thankfully now passed for most people, but we still want to hear from you if coronavirus is affecting your financial situation. If you're struggling to make your repayments due to coronavirus, please get in contact with us as soon as possible and we'll work with you to find a solution.

Got everything you need?

If you are feeling overwhelmed by outstanding debts, you can seek free and impartial advice – there are several organisations out there who can help you, such as PayPlan, the MoneyHelper and National Debtline.

If you still have questions, below we’ve outlined some FAQs which may help you. You can also browse our complete FAQ page or check out our blog for some money management tips.

Question Answer

Where can I find out more about coronavirus?

If you wish to find out more about coronavirus the best sources of information are the UK Government website, NHS and World Health Organisation (WHO).

I sent you a cheque, when will this be applied to my account?

If you've sent us a cheque it will usually take 14 days to apply to your account from the date we receive it. Any delay in processing the cheque, will not affect your account.

How do I contact you?

You can find out how to contact us, here.

I've received a Notice of Sums in Arrears (NOSIA), what do I need to do?

We need to send you this notice as you have missed payments that you originally agreed with us when you took out the loan. If you have contacted us to agree a new payment plan, or a break from your payments due to your circumstances, then you do not need to take any further action.

If you haven’t contacted us then please get in contact with us as soon as possible and we'll be happy to discuss the potential options available to you.

My account is in arrears, what can you do to help?

We're here to help, please contact us and we can discuss the available options.

Can I have a payment holiday?

If your circumstances have changed and you are struggling to make your next repayment contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your options.

I can no longer afford the repayments of my loan, what do I do?

If you don't think you'll be able to make a repayment, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your options. We don't charge any missed or late payment fees, but not making your payments in full and on time could affect your credit score, so it's best to keep us in the loop.

Will you charge me for failing a payment?

We do not add extra charges for failed payments, it's important that you contact us if you have missed a payment or anticipate missing a forthcoming payment

Benefit Entitlement

To help support the cost of living, it’s a good idea to regularly check what help may be available to you through benefits. Circumstances change, and even though you may have previously not qualified, you may now. You may also be entitled to certain benefits even if you work, own a home or have a savings account. Use our free benefits calculator below to find out what benefits you may be entitled to claim.

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