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Poor Credit Loans

A poor or short credit history can have an impact at the worst times, like when you need some cash for that urgent expense. At Dot Dot Loans, we understand that if you've been unsuccessful applying for credit elsewhere, it can be difficult to get a loan. In this situation, one of our poor credit loans could help you out, subject to affordability.

Below you'll find all you need to know about loans for those with poor credit.

What are poor credit loans?

When we talk about poor credit loans, we mean loans that are designed for people who have perhaps been turned away for a personal loan by their bank or other lenders because they've missed payments on credit agreements they've had in the past.

You may need to rebuild your credit history, or simply don't have enough credit history for the banks to feel comfortable lending to you.

It is possible to have poor credit but good income - you may feel that you can comfortably afford repayments on a loan but you might be held back by your lack of credit history or past difficulties.

When should I consider poor credit loans?

These loans are there for those moments where you need a little cash now, but your credit score is preventing you from taking out a personal loan from your bank or another credit provider. Whether the washing machine is on its last legs, the car's broken down or the boiler is on the blink, one of these loans could support you and ensure you can get the job done.

It's important to bear in mind that you may pay a higher interest rate on a poor credit loan, and we recommend that you carefully review your circumstances before applying for one.

Can I get poor credit loans from direct lenders?

Yes - some UK direct lenders do offer poor credit loans. Dot Dot Loans is a direct lender, which means that you'll only deal with us throughout the application process and beyond. We offer poor credit loans between £100 and £1000 to help cover a range of unexpected expenses.

To apply for a poor credit loan in the UK, you must meet our eligibility criteria.

How do poor credit loans work?

We've broken down a few examples of this type of short-term loan for poor credit - detailing different amounts and the interest you'll pay on each. You can look through to see which one could work for you and your circumstances.

If you're happy, hit the apply now button to get a decision on one of our loans for those with a poor credit history. However, please read on if you'd like to find out more about our poor credit loans.

Short term loan

Representative Example

Borrow £250 over 3 months with monthly repayment of £133.65 Total amount payable £400.95. Interest rate 284.76% p.a. (fixed). 1228.67% APR Representative.

Why choose Dot Dot Loans?

Here at Dot Dot Loans, our aim is to help you tackle unexpected expenses quickly. That's why we believe our poor credit loans are a suitable choice for those who need credit now and have perhaps been turned away by their bank or other credit providers.

When you choose Dot Dot Loans, you also enjoy the following benefits.

  • Apply for one of our loans and receive a quick decision, even with poor credit.
  • If approved, you will receive your loan on the same day, thanks to our 24/7 funding.
  • You don't need to worry about those extra fees - there are no application fees, no admin fees and no late payment fees.
  • It's easy to manage your account using our Online Portal to stay on top of your upcoming payments.

Don't just hear it from us, check out our customer testimonials! We are proud to be rated 'Excellent' on Trustpilot.

What if I am declined for a poor credit loan?

If you are declined for very poor credit loans, we recommend seeking free and impartial advice, especially if you are unable to take out credit to cover unexpected expenses.

There are many free resources which can help you manage your budget, such as:

  • StepChange - You can get free, online advice from StepChange. They can advise you on managing your finances and improving your credit score.
  • MoneyHelper - Here, you can get free, impartial advice around any financial difficulties you may experience. MoneyHelper can arrange for you to speak with a debt advisor, either online, over the phone, or face-to-face. Their advisor locator tool will help assign you to an advisor for free who can help you get your credit rating back on track.
  • Citizens Advice - You can get free advice regarding your finances from Citizens Advice. They have plenty of information surrounding credit and money which is accessible to everyone free of charge. This can be seen on their webpage.

For general budgeting and money management tips, you can also visit our blog. However, it is highly recommended that you use the resources listed above if you are struggling with very poor credit.

Got everything you need?

Feel like you now have a good understanding of poor credit loans? If this feels like a suitable option, you can apply using the button below and receive a quick decision on your application. If you are approved, you could have the money in your account today. Our loans are funded every hour 24/7.

Please carefully review your circumstances before applying for poor credit loans. If you have any questions or queries about Dot Dot Loans, our friendly customer service team are happy to help, so feel free to contact us.

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